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This is the largest liquor store reporting app available. Focusing on Whiskey and Bourbon prices, we are leaders in the reporting analytics of US liquor stores. Stop the price-gouging, be part of the solution.

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Store Reporting

We are bringing visual reporting and pricing insights to the masses. Get crowd-sourced reporting with real time in-app updates.

Real-time Updates

Tracking liquor store pricing of bourbon, whiskey and scotch are now available on a mobile app.

Bootstrap framework

Built from the ground up for facilitating the reporting and documenting of price manipulations.

Pixel perfect design

We focus on design and clear images to identify extreme price gouging.

Unique Design

We are beginning with a iOS app for the iPhone but will soon have android and web apps available for everyone.

Server Side Processing

All live updates and complex image manipulations are handled on the server to keep battery usage and data transfer low.

Live comments sections

You can explain why you are reporting stores live. Sometimes a pictures does not say it all.

About Sussto

We are working on holding liquor stores accountable to their distributors and brand producers by reporting price gouging.


Reporting back to brand owners and distributers through mutiple channels of communications.


We are informing the largest distribution networks throughout the country of the price manipulation exposed by our app.

Visual Proof

Working with our users, we provide visual proof of price-gouging and manipulation based on time stamping and geolocation of photos.


This may not be a magic solution, but we will track all greedy store owners.


We plan to show progress and current status using graphical representations of price of specific bottles over time.

Documented Price

Liquor stores will be confronted with proof and questioned about their rationale to price at specifiecd levels.

What Sussto Can Do For You

We can provide you an outlet to show your frustration about a specific price, store or owner and hold them accountable.

We can track your liqour stores and others to inform you of the most suspect or sketchy liquor stores in your area or while traveling. By crossing these stores off your list, you can utilize your time wizely at more ethical pricing liquor stores.

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Sussto App features.

Bringing real-time reporting to the food and beverage industry. Focusing on the most unethical pricing practices and sketchy liquor stores to bring about change.

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App Screenshots

This will be completed soon. We are working on the last designs to allow easy reporting and uploading of pictures for pricing proof.

Reporting multiple stores is easy.






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Where to download?

We will update this download location as soon as the app has completed the app store requirements. Please check back soon for more info on sketchy liquor stores in your geographic area.

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